About us

  • Intent

    Our intent is to provide the world with reusable bag solutions.

    We are a collective of factories with a mission to consider the environment with policies in place to ensure our raw material suppliers ensures the entire supply chain strives for environmental protection.

    "Clean and Green" is our motto. (We discuss this further in the sustainability section.)

  • Requirements

    Producing the right bag for your operation starts with our thorough understanding of your exact requirements and specifications.

    Our ability to quickly provide you with various bag configurations and designs at an optimal price/quality ratio is second to none.

  • Operations

    Combined we have over 20,000 square meters (215,288 square feet) of production facilities with over 1,000 employees.

    Our aim is to be transparent about all stages of production from fiber to yarn, production, finishing, packing, and logistics.

  • Our World

    Reuse Bag .co, is there to support you with your needs.

    We believe in social responsibility and we will donate 2% of all revenues (up to 20% of profits) to Charities listed below. Reuse Bag .co, is there to support you with your needs.

    As the world matures, resources are depleted, the environment is being damaged we all need to take proactive measures to look after our world.



  • Retail Programs

    With a sincere intention to care for the world in which we live, we want to offer you superior retail programs and support focused on contributing to your sustainability goals. We will supply the best reusable bags for reselling, or for a deposit-based system. Offering shoppers a reusable bag not only showcases your brand but highlights your commitment to environmentally sustainable initiatives.

    Be part of the solution in replacing single-use bags with reusable bags in all stores and supermarkets.

  • Partnerships

    We are looking for global partners who want to represent Reuse Bag .co in their country or specific market. Please connect with us to get involved.

  • Community

    Every three months we will group-purchase reusable bags. If you would like to buy our reusable bags but cannot meet the minimums, do not sweat it; we will offer you select reusable bags for group purchasing. We will put your logo on your bag, and you will receive volume pricing based on the quantity purchased.

    Please send us a message if you are interested, info@reusebag.co

  • Charities

    We believe in social responsibility and will donate 2% of revenues to the charities we support. We develop unique programs with charities, major retailers and independent designers; please inquire for more information on this initiative.  

    We will donate 2% of revenues (up to 20% of profits) on the first $60k ($1,200), we will donate 1.5% of revenues on sales between $60,001 to $120k ($900), we will donate 1% of revenues on amounts over $120,001

    *If you don’t see a charity you support below and would like your funds donated to a specific charity, let us know, we will donate to the charity of your preference.