• Price (USD$):$ 2.75 - $ 3.32
  • Style:TCN-7108
  • Product Style:Shopper
  • Minimums:10,000
  • Material:Tyvek
  • Content:100% Tyvek
  • Material Weight: 70
  • Bag Size: 10 x 42 x 32
  • Color:limited
  • Country:China

  • “*The highest price is based on a minimum order and the lowest price is based on an order ten times the minimum order.”


Non-woven 100% polypropylene fabric that is strong, highly resistant to tears, punctures, is light weight, durable, reusable, recyclable, resistant to corrosion, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, washable (hang-to-dry), water repellent, and breathable.

Tyvek is a fully integrated process using continuous and very fine fibers of 100% high-density polypropylene, which can be engineered to provide a soft or hard structured material that can be used again and again.   

Load Capacity can range up to 25 KG (55 pounds) depending on the material weight and finish of the bag.   

Number 2 on the recyclable plastic scale

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