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Single-use products

We are all about reducing the consumption of single-use products by providing sustainable alternatives while being aware of our footprint in manufacturing.

Sustainable packaging begins with increased awareness and knowledge concerning the impact of packaging on the environment, as well as how sustainable packaging affects business and the consumer. In order to understand both the financial and environmental costs of packaging, it is important to have a strong grasp on the materials involved and how they impact the product, and the consumer.


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Countries, states/provinces, governments, and corporations are starting to take responsibility for our environment and the pollution by banning single-use products. Let us know how we can help you reduce your single-use consumption of products for future generations and our world?

Reuse Bag .co

  • Plastics bags are used a year
  • Tons of plastic produced each year is used only once
  • Metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year
  • Sea birds are killed by consuming plastics each year
  • Marine Mammals die from consuming plastic each year

Our intent is to be:


By having a strong environmental policy that follows each and every stage of production from fiber to finished product and delivery. In the future we will be documenting all our factories, each process, and allowing you to track the production. We promote best practices in corporate governance, sustainable supply-chain standards, and operational efficiency to maintain the highest business standards.

It is both a responsibility to manage our footprint and an opportunity to contribute solutions beyond our business, to some of the world’s current challenges.


Ethical and responsible operations are embedded in our core values and daily work. As a collective of factories, we want to ensure that all our supply chain follows strict labor conditions, child labor policies, human rights (policy commitments, due diligence, remedies, grievances, serious allegations, and transparency), health and safety, minority development, disabled/marginalized people inclusion, and gender.

All employees must be legal to work in that country and benefits should be provided for each and every staff member. We believe in empowering people and social responsibility.

Manufacturing and Materials

Taking into account environmental considerations into a products life cycle by engaging with suppliers and subcontractors on sustainability issues. Storing the materials properly, and reviewing all materials to make sure they meet our strong environmental and quality standards.

Qualifications and certificates:

All of our factories strive to meet ethical, environmental, energy efficient, quality assurance, social compliance, and social responsibility from responsible sources with the following qualifications and/or certificates:


Companies that share our vision and purpose for a sustainable and environmental future: