• Price (USD$):$ 1.11 - $ 2.09
  • Style:AIN-7995
  • Product Style:Tote
  • Minimums:2,000
  • Material:Cotton Organic
  • Content:100% Organic Cotton
  • Material Weight: 6
  • Bag Size: 0 x 35 x 40
  • Color:custom
  • Country:India

  • “*The highest price is based on a minimum order and the lowest price is based on an order ten times the minimum order.”


These bags are made from 100% Organic Cotton.   

Organic Cotton uses less water when it is converted into fabric.  The main benefit of Organic Cotton is that the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, and genetically modified organisms.

You choose the fabric content, the fabric weight, the bag size, the color, and customize the printing to meet your needs.   

Cotton is natural plant that is soft, smooth, strong, durable and is a renewable resource, that is biodegradable.

Load Capacity can range up to 25 KG (55 pounds) depending on the fabric weight of the bag.   

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